The Pacific Northwest is unique and rugged, just like our products.

Having always enjoyed using products that were made to last. Items that our fathers, and grandfathers used that were passed on can hold a special place in life. A tobacco pipe, vintage camera, straight razor for shaving. You get the idea.

After working in technology fields for decades, getting back to items that can be held in your hands and then passed onto the next generation seemed to be a worthwhile endeavor.

We have started creating products that bring back the old days where gentlemen sat together, sometimes in silence, sometimes talking, but always respectful of the past. Times where you took a moment to reflect on what you were doing, and why. It was the process, not the speed of the activity made it all worthwhile.

We have personally designed and created most of our items, others are unique things we found to pass on to you.
Our handmade items are crafted by myself in Boise Idaho, Pacific Northwest, USA. The items are unique and not mass produced.

Hopefully you will have the same feeling of comfort and nostalgia we have while using our products so that you can pass them on to the next generation as well.

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